Research Units

Radon testing laboratory ”Constantin Cosma” – LiRaCC

  • Radon exposure and its impact on public health
  • Development of innovative solutions for continuous monitoring of radon and indoor pollutants, with remote data transmission
  • Development of energy efficient solutions in order to mitigate the concentrations of radon and other pollutants inside the houses and to improve the quality of the indoor air and public health
  • Development of advanced numerical models on indoor air quality with the identification of the processes that have an influence on radon variations
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Environmental geochemistry laboratory

  • Investigation of greenhouse gas effects emissions from natural and anthropic sources
  • Innovative systems for municipal waste management
  • Assessment of pollution and the environmental impact in industrial and urban areas
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Completed projects:

Modeling tools or Water-Sol-Plants-Air interface processes for intelligent and sustainable management of river basins and underground water ecosystems”. Project code: PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-072, Contract no: 34 PCCDI / 2018, project director Prof. Călin Baciu (2018-2021)

Smart Systems for Public Safety through Control and Mitigation of Residential Radon linked with Energy Efficiency Optimization of Buildings in Romanian Major Urban Agglomerations”, code MySMIS 103427, contract no. 22/01.09.2016, financed by the Operational Program Competitiveness 2014-2020, Priority Axis POC-A1-A1.1.4-E-2015; Project Manager Alexandra Cucoș; Project Director Prof. Carlos Sainz, PhD; Project Responsible Tiberius Dicu (2016 – 2020)